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Press Kit - 50 alternative uses for baby wipes

20th february 2013

Those many years ago when I was pregnant with my twins I was so grateful to receive practical gifts at my baby shower, such a nappies, lotions, Tupperware (maybe that’s when the obsession began) and baby wipes. It wasn’t long after the twins were born I learnt that they reacted to a particular brand of baby wipes. As they got older I learnt that they have very sensitive skin, both now have eczema. So I had quite a few packs of baby wipes that I couldn’t use on bottoms. Instead I used them for other everyday purposes. I created a list below of 50 alternative uses for baby wipes.

Please remember, using wipes as suggested below isn’t the most environmentally friendly option, using a rag, duster or microfiber cloth is always a better alternative.

  1. General dusting
  2. When you have run out of toilet paper
  3. When you have run out of tissues, use for your nose
  4. Clean shoes
  5. Clean the ink off rubber stamps you use when scrapbooking or crafting
  6. Clean dolls
  7. Clean the car interior
  8. Wipe over phones/tablets
  9. Remove sticky stuff off the floor
  10. Remove the dust from leaves of indoor plants
  11. Removing makeup
  12. Remove scuff marks from the floor
  13. To clean hands while at a picnic
  14. Use to clean yourself while camping
  15. Clean leaves of fake flowers/plants around the house
  16. Clean your computer keyboard
  17. Clean the home phone
  18. Clean up coffee spills from the coffee table
  19. Clean leather couch
  20. Clean the stair case
  21. Clean the walls
  22. Clean the bathtub
  23. Clean the bathroom sink
  24. Clean the bathroom benches
  25. Clean bat and bird dropping off car
  26. Clean bird droppings off outdoor furniture
  27. Clean animals feet so they don’t get dirt through the house or in the car
  28. Clean white deodorant stains off clothing
  29. Cleaning around the cat litter tray
  30. Cleaning cats bottom
  31. Clean kids hands while crafting
  32. Clean up the craft table
  33. Clean windows and mirrors
  34. Clean the outside of microwave
  35. Clean the outside of dishwasher
  36. Clean the outside of fridge
  37. Clean hands after filling the car up with fuel
  38. Clean wooden blinds
  39. Clean remote controls
  40. Wipe seats on public toilets
  41. Wipe over public high chairs
  42. Wipe over trolley handles
  43. Wipe over public change tables
  44. Tidy up fingers when using nail polish
  45. Wipe over dirty cookbook pages
  46. Wipe over sunburn to soothe
  47. Use on hot day’s to wipe your face, neck and hands
  48. Wipe down the table after dinner
  49. Use to clean a blackboard
  50. Use to clean a whiteboard

SIDS and Kids introduce new range of baby wipes

SIDS and Kids have just announced they will be launching their own brand of baby wipes called Red Nose Baby Wipes. Red Nose Day may be months away, but with Red Nose Baby Wipes mothers can support SIDS and Kids all year round.

A percentage of sales from the wipes will be directed towards funding vital research into stillbirth, safe sleeping practices and support services to bereaved families. In Australia each year over 3,500 families experience the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child from stillbirth or during the first month of life. SIDS and Kids relies almost totally on the support of the community.

Red Nose Baby Wipes is aiming to sell over one million packs per year to help fund research into stillbirth, SIDS and safe sleeping practices. Available from the SIDS and Kids online store – bulk orders only of 9 x 100 wipe packs per box – for $35.97 + postage and handling or phone: 1300 4 WIPES.


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